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Well-groomed eyebrows can have a dramatic impact on your overall appearance. They play a vital role in facial harmony, as the shape and thickness of your brows can greatly affect your expression. For this reason, it’s crucial to entrust their design and maintenance to skilled professionals who specialize in both eyebrow shaping and cleaning. Although these techniques differ, they are complementary and work together to enhance the natural beauty of your brows.

Eyelash Lift

It’s like perming your lashes into a lifted, curled state. But unlike the harsh formulas that were once used to perm the hair on our heads, the treatment for lash lifts is gentler.

The technician separates your lower and upper lashes and applies a silicone pad to your upper lid. They then glue your lashes to the pad to start shaping your eyelashes into a deeper curl. Three lotions containing the right chemicals are then applied, and each one sets for 10 minutes–meaning the entire treatment takes about 30 minutes to one hour.

Eyebrows Lamination

Brow lamination is a technique that involves combing the eyebrow hairs upwards and then applying a semi-permanent dye to smooth them out. To maintain the desired shape, the hairs are fixed in place using products that have both moisturizing and lifting properties, as well as a bonding agent or pigment to hold them in position. Finally, an oil is applied to the eyebrows to help retain moisture and ensure a glossy finish. The durability of the brows lamination is 5 weeks. The procedure can be done again after this period.  The design and tint can be done again in 15 days.

Semi-Permanent Eyelashes

Experience the revolutionary transformation of your lashes with semi-permanent eyelash extensions at Brazilliance – one of the finest lash salons in Cape Town with over 8 years of expertise. Our team is highly experienced, having performed over 1000 sets of eyelashes with varying volumes, from single to 2D to 3D and 5D. We are always at the forefront of the latest techniques in the eyelash industry, ensuring that you receive the best possible results. Our warm and welcoming personality, combined with our meticulous attention to detail, guarantees an exceptional experience every time.

Eyes Price List


Brow Lamination
Lash Lift
Lash Tint
Brow Tint

Eyelash Extensions 3D

Full Set of Volume Lashes 3D
1 week fill
2 weeks fill
3 weeks fill

Eyelash Extensions Classic

Full Set of Lashes
1 week fill
2 weeks fill
3 weeks fill
Soak Off Lashes