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Are you prepared to indulge in the transformative benefits of Brazilliance Therapy?


Dreno – Modeladora

Two techniques combined – Modeladora (Brazilian technique) and Manual Lymphatic Drainage. Utilising advanced technologies to deliver even more results. The Brazilian technique of lymphatic drainage involves vigorous and rhythmic movements to promote body remodelling by eliminating toxins and combating cellulite. 

10 Sessions R4300


Enhancing the look with Nano-Blading, FLOWBROWS defines the design of the eyebrows, which gives the appearance of thicker, fuller brows. We use an organic pigment in the basal layer of the skin. Just enhance your own beauty.

Treatment Price R4000

Turbocharged Massage

Our exclusive virtuosa protocol, known as Turbocharged Massage, combines manual massage techniques with the used of a roller equipped with suction cups and creams enriched with active ingredients to break down fat cells. This protocol is designed to shape the body, reduce measurements, cellulite, and localized fat in regions with greater accumulation. The repeated, quick, and firm movements, along with the kneading and sliding techniques, promote modeling, toning, revitalization, and improvement of cell oxygenation while eliminating toxins.
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Treatment Price R600


FlowLips, is a nano-pigmentation method that we use in the lips that revitalises the colour of the lip and corrects certain asymmetries. It also stimulates collagen production, generating a more natural result.

The technique is done with Infinity Vermilion Border.  We will be able to revitalise small imperfections on the lips, resulting in more volume, more colour and more healthy lips.

Pump Lips

Pump Lips is ideal for people who seek to “give life” to the lips in a natural way. Ideal for those with dry lips.

Stimulates the production of collagen (the protein responsible for the skin’s firmness), through the “exfoliation” is performed with Microneedling / Nanoneedlig, which makes the skin regenerate with new collagen. It is a treatment for the lips, so it must be done between 3 to 5 sessions in order to obtain a satisfactory result.

Treatment Price R850


Developed by Korean’s where we use a micro-needling tool. Since we use micro-needling tool that penetrates the foundation into the skin, it will give instant coverage, minimize the appearance of pores, and smoothen wrinkles. After several procedures, the skin will have a BB cream effect that will last several months. Skin tone will look more even.


4 Sessions R3800


This was developed to depigment unwanted procedures of microblading. Permanent makeup in a simple, professional way!

MULTI-CORRECTIVE removes the pigment, renewing the skin tissue, leaving it perfect and more than that, it is possible to enter a new procedure like FlowBrows and FlowLips.

Treatment Price R900


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